FrissBee Audio Player

The Audio Player for your website

Design the Player as you want

check the presets out:

Easy to use

A little bit of code in your web page
and you can fully play the sound.

Let`s go!

Make your own design & presets

You can use the presets of the FrissBee Audio Player
or create your own design according to your ideas.

With the Design Generator this is easy and fast.

Not only one

Isn't it a bit boring to always have the same playlist in a player?

No problem!
The FrissBee Audio Player can also have multiple playlists for one player.

Of course, you can have as many players on a website as you want.
They are completely independent from each other.
So each player can be designed individually.

Get the player

What's still missing is the FrissBee Audio Player itself.

Just download it and get started.

For sure it`s for free.